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How Google May Handle Question Answering when Facts are Missing

Sharing is caring! I wrote about a similar patent in the post, Google Extracts Facts from the Web to Provide Fact Answers This one introduces itself with the following statement, indicating a problem that Google may have with answering questions from the facts it may collect from the Web to fill its knowledge graph: Embodiments relate to relational models of knowledge, such as a graph-based data store, can be used to provide answers to search queries. Such […]

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How Do You Know Your Business Needs A New SEO Strategy?

Success in business these days is largely dependent on how well you can do marketing. The rise of the digital economy has opened new frontiers’ for small and big companies to reach to customers and in this competitive digital jungle, the only company that makes it is the one that is creative enough to keep revenues streaming and customers coming.  It’s something that looks and sounds easy yet as many marketers have come to find out, it’s […]

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