Celebrity GIFs: They’re just like us!Celebrity GIFs: They’re just like us!Managing Editor

In an age when people talk all day on text and email, we’ve come to rely on the art of the GIF to convey our emotions. To recognize life’s most joyous moments—or to navigate the tricky ones—we search for the perfect GIF and hit send.

The Google Trends team looked at GIF search trends from Tenor (Google’s search engine for GIFs and stickers) to see which celebrity gifs are most commonly associated with certain emotions or reactions. Good news for GIF-lovers: they made made a nifty data visualization tool that you can explore. Search for a specific celebrity like Justin Timberlake, and you’ll see that 42 percent of Justin Timberlake GIF searches are for “happy.” Or filter by emotion, like “surprised” to find out which celebrity has the largest share of those searches (spoiler alert, it’s Pikachu).