Dalgona coffee whips up global interestDalgona coffee whips up global interestCommunications and Public Affairs Manager, Korea (and aspiring dalgona coffee master)

For a lot of people, working from home means perfecting their own coffee-making skills rather than popping out to a cafe—and we’re seeing people whip up one style in particular. 

Dalgona is a delicious, sweet, creamy type of coffee that captured attention after Korean YouTube channel KBS Entertain uploaded a video in January. It took off from there, with fans around the world trying to make the perfect version and urging their friends and family to join in.  

A coffee breakout trend

It’s fair to say people were up for the “dalgona challenge”—but first, they needed to figure out how to make it. Search interest in dalgona has never been higher. It started heating up the week of March 15, when searches spiked 1,800 percent around the world. Since then, it’s increased to 3,000 times the usual number of weekly searches.