Knead some baking inspiration? We’ve got you coveredKnead some baking inspiration? We’ve got you coveredContributor

If that doesn’t inspire you to break out the measuring cups, check out this list of the most-searched bread recipes from Google Trends over the past month in the U.S.

  1. Banana bread recipe

  2. Sourdough recipe

  3. Beer bread recipe

  4. French bread recipe

  5. Garlic bread recipe

As a first time bread baker, I decided that it would be best to choose a recipe based on a different description: easy. Coincidentally (or not) enough, over the past year, search interest in “easy recipes” was highest the week of March 29 in the U.S. The instructions for no-yeast bread (searches for “yeastless bread” recipes increased more than 4,600 percent this month) seemed simple enough. Less than an hour later, I had an imperfectly shaped, but still delicious loaf of bread. 

And what goes better with bread (or rather, toasted bread) than coffee? Search interest in “whipped coffee recipe”—which is usually served cold and looks like a dreamy, marshmallow-like cloud—reached an all-time high in the U.S. In fact, “how to make whipped coffee” increased more than 4,200 percent this month. Here are the top regions searching for “whipped coffee” over the past month.