Press play: Find and listen to podcast episodes on SearchPress play: Find and listen to podcast episodes on Search

Later this year, we’ll be bringing the same functionality to the Google Assistant and Google Podcasts for web. For example, when you ask the Assistant for podcasts about a certain topic, such as “Hey Google, play a podcast about Marie Curie,” it will suggest relevant episodes for you. In Google Podcasts for web, you’ll be able to search for relevant shows and episodes and listen right there on your computer or phone. As always, your listening progress is synced everywhere, so you can pick up where you left off anywhere you use Google Podcasts.

As part of our work to help podcasters build audiences and grow their businesses, we’ll soon add the ability for publishers to specify where you can listen to their podcasts, such as other apps or websites. This means you’ll be able to discover podcasts that may be exclusively available by purchase or subscription.

These new features are available starting today, beginning with people using English in the U.S. So the next time you’re looking for a podcast about an old hobby, a rising star in Hollywood, or anything else that piques your interest, your search will be easier than ever.