Psh, think you can guess the top GIF expressions of 2019?Psh, think you can guess the top GIF expressions of 2019?GIF connoisseur

LOL. Yasss. SMH. The internet has long been where words (and of course, acronyms) solidify their place in the English language. But the web’s breakneck pace can make it difficult to totally grasp what phrases are becoming popular, or even what they mean. 

A great way to get a visual education in internet lingo is by looking at how people use GIFs. Because GIFs are only a few seconds long and live in digital form only, they usually embody one specific emotion or expression. We looked at anonymized trends from Tenor, Google’s GIF search engine, to identify the top trending GIF expressions people used in North America this year. Even though the Ron Swanson GIF didn’t make it into the top ten, it pretty much sums up how we feel about the GIFs below.